Conditions for providing booking services on

Date of placement: August 15, 2022

Effective date: August 16, 2022

This document regulates the conditions for the provision of services for booking accommodation in Accommodation Facilities using the Booking System.
The Terms and Conditions, as well as information about the Services provided on the Website, are a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
The User agrees to the requirements and provisions of this document (hereinafter referred to as "Booking Conditions", "Terms") by making a reservation on the Service by clicking the "Book" button on the Website.
In case of disagreement with any provisions of the Terms, you can refuse to place an Order. may change the Terms at any time unilaterally at its discretion and without special notice. The changes take effect from the moment the updated version is posted on the Website, and the User undertakes to independently monitor such changes.

1. Terms and definitions

"Ruking" - Limited liability company "Ruking" / LLC "Ruking" (TIN:9728061125, OGRN: 1227700202025, Location address: Russian Federation, Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya str., 34, podv. room. IV, room 26, office 11)
"Ruking Service" is a software and hardware complex that provides the User with a free functional opportunity to access and/or search for information about Accommodation Facilities, on their booking, payment for accommodation in them with the possibility of receiving funds from the User received on account of payment for accommodation.
"Website" – a set of graphic and informational materials, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure their availability on the Internet at a network address /, providing online booking services.
"Booking system" is an information system containing information about the availability of places in Accommodation Facilities, as well as additional services, tariffs and rules for their application, including the conditions for the provision of Hotel and other services offered. The specified information is posted on the website /, in full accordance with how it is presented in the booking systems by the direct providers of these services or their authorized representatives.
"Terms" - this document posted on the Internet at /???
"Accommodation facility" is a property complex that includes a building or part of a building, premises, equipment and other property, and is used for temporary accommodation and temporary residence of individuals.
"User" is a capable individual who has reached the age of 18, who has the legal right to enter into contractual relations, place an Order or book Services on the Site, exclusively for personal, household and other needs not related to business activities.
"Order" is a duly executed User request to receive services selected and available for purchase on the Site.
"Services" — services provided to the User to provide the information contained in the Booking System and to book services in accordance with the parameters set by the User (date, time, location, type of Accommodation and rooms, their level, number of Guests checking in, type of meals and other conditions), as well as to cancel booked and paid services according to the corresponding application of the User.
"Contractor" is a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur, as well as individuals applying a special tax regime who have assumed the obligation to accommodate and service a guest in the Accommodation Facility under a service agreement. Information about the Contractor (name, location, etc.) is brought to the User's attention when making a reservation in the Ruking System.
"Voucher" is an electronic document issued by Ruking and confirming the User's right to receive services for accommodation in the Accommodation Facility and/or other Services on the terms chosen by the User in the completed and paid Order.

2. Registration and verification on the Website

2.1. In order to place an Order, the User must register and/or pass verification on the Website.
2.2. As a result of registration, a unique account is created for the User.
2.3. In order to register, the User undertakes to provide reliable and complete information about himself on the issues proposed in the registration form and to keep this information up to date. When registering, the User can upload an image for the account (avatar), as well as set up a name that can accompany comments, reviews, etc. published by the User. The account image, user name and other uploaded information published by the User specified by the User is subject to display for an unlimited number of persons solely for the purposes of providing the corresponding Ruking service and personalization of Users.
2.4. The User undertakes not to inform third parties of the login and password, individual codes. If there are suspicions about the security of the User's data or misuse by third parties, the User is obliged to immediately notify this at .
2.5. By passing verification, the User agrees to receive service messages, as well as advertising messages, through applications and/or messengers for smartphones and/or phone calls and/or otherwise to the phone number and email address specified by the User.
2.6. Ruking is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the User during registration and verification.

3. Making An Order

3.1. The User independently places an Order on the Website or in the mobile application.
3.2. Prior to booking the Accommodation using the Ruking System, the User undertakes to familiarize himself with all the booking conditions provided by the Contractor and specified in the Ruking System, as well as with the rules for the provision of hotel services.
3.3. The User enters into a direct contractual relationship with the Contractor when booking the Accommodation, while the Booking is not a party to such an agreement. Ruking searches for optimal conditions for the provision of accommodation services and provides a technical opportunity to issue a booking confirmation.
3.4. The essential conditions of the hotel services agreement concluded by the User with the Contractor are determined by the User when booking the Accommodation using the Ruking System and are indicated in the booking confirmation. The booking confirmation is sent electronically to the User. If, after booking the Accommodation, the User has not received a booking confirmation to the email address or mobile phone number specified by him, the User should contact the support service via the feedback form at: , by phone +7 499 499 88 85, 8 800 101 11 80.
3.5. When placing an Order, the User must fill in all the fields that are marked as "mandatory".
3.6. The User is obliged to provide reliable data about third parties when booking. The User assumes all commercial risks (making a new Order, changing the tariff, changing the cost of services, refund, etc.) associated with his actions to make mistakes and/ or inaccuracies in providing the data requested during ordering, including his own personal data and the personal data of other persons specified in the Order.
3.7. Booking of several individual accommodation places (rooms) with the same conditions (check-in, dates of accommodation, the same Accommodation Object, room type, etc.) may be regarded by the Contractor as a group booking. In this case, the Contractor reserves the right to cancel reservations or change the terms of the Order, including tariffs, payment terms and cancellation conditions. Ruking has the right to cancel one or more such Orders when they are detected and is not responsible for any consequences associated with the User placing more than one Order for one guest using the same parameters, including if at the time of making a repeat booking, the originally created reservation was not paid for by the User. If the Order cancelled in accordance with this clause of the Terms and Conditions has been paid, Ruking makes a refund to the User.
3.8. If it is necessary to make a Group Booking, the User should contact the support service via the feedback form or at .
3.9. The User confirms his consent that the personal information that the User provides to Ruking when using the Ruking Service, including when booking an Accommodation Facility, can be used by Ruking in the manner and for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy, including for the purpose of booking an Accommodation Facility, and can also be transferred (including cross-border transfer) to the Contractor for the same purposes and for the purposes of execution by the Contractor of the contract with the User, and (or) in favor of the User, and (or) in favor of the third parties specified by the User.

4. Payment for accommodation at the Accommodation Facility

4.1. The User selects the Accommodation Object of interest in the Ruking System (location, date of arrival and departure, number of guests, etc.). The user specifies the details of the guests (in particular, last name, first name, patronymic, gender, date of birth, age of children, citizenship (if necessary)), contact details necessary, in particular, for sending booking confirmation (email, mobile phone number, etc.).By clicking the "Confirm" button (another similar button), the User confirms the correctness and completeness of the booking data, the fact of his familiarization and consent with these Terms and Conditions, the Ruking privacy policy.
4.2. After performing the actions specified in clause 4.1 of the Terms, the User is given time to pay, after which a message will be issued about the expiration of the waiting time and the need to carry out the procedure for booking the Accommodation again.
4.3. To pay for accommodation in the booked Accommodation Facility, the User confirms familiarization with the information about the Accommodation Facility and the cost of accommodation by clicking the "Pay" button.
On the page that opens, the User selects a payment method, enters payment data and confirms the booking of the Accommodation and payment for accommodation in it by clicking on the "Pay" button.
The User accepts payment confirmation – a letter with a copy of the booking confirmation, which are sent to the email address specified by the User when booking Hotels using the Booking System.
4.4. The stay tax, city tax, resort fee and other similar fees, if their collection from tourists is provided for by the legislation of the country (territory) of stay, are paid by the User independently at the place of stay (as a rule, at the Accommodation Facility) in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the country (territory) of stay.
4.5. The User is hereby notified and understands that the data specified in the booking confirmation can be used, including for cancellation of the reservation and refund of the cost of accommodation in the booked Accommodation Facility, in connection with which the User is strongly advised to keep such data confidential, not to disclose them to third parties by any means of communication and communication.
4.6. In cases provided for by law, when making payments on the Internet, the cash receipt is sent to the email address specified by the User for sending the booking confirmation.
4.7. The User may be provided with the functional possibility of paying for accommodation in the Accommodation Facility in full or in parts, if this applies to the selected tariff according to the specified search criteria.

5. Withdrawal, modification, cancellation of the Order

5.1. All conditions of the Order and provision of Hotel services, including: making any changes to the Orders placed, refusal of accommodation services, hotel services, are regulated by the tariff rules for this service established by the Accommodation Facility, the offer agreement for the provision of Hotel services with the Contractor, the Service Agreement, these Terms, the current legislation of the Russian Federation and other applicable laws and international acts.
5.2. The User undertakes to make any changes to the confirmed Ruking Order only through Ruking and with the assistance of Ruking. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the User directly at the Hotel, without prior reference to the Booking, the refund is carried out in accordance with the procedure provided for in paragraph 5.11. of these Terms.
5.3. Changes in the Order of the number of Guests checking in, their names, duration of stay, dates of arrival and departure, type of accommodation and other essential conditions of the Order are available exclusively by placing a new Order and canceling a previously placed Order.
5.4. Cancellation of the order is made in the User's personal account. The Order is considered canceled after assigning it the status "Canceled" ("Canceled" and others within the meaning) and sending the corresponding service letter to the User.
5.5. The terms of cancellation of the Order without deductions of penalties, as well as the amount of penalties for non-compliance with these terms are determined by the Object of placement, taking into account the rules of the tariff of the corresponding Order, are brought to the attention of the User when They are displayed in the Order placed in the user's Personal Account.
5.6. In case the User refuses the accommodation services in full or in part on the day of arrival at the Accommodation Facility and later, as well as in case of partial use of the Order (departure before the end of the booked period), a refund (in full or partial) of funds for the unused period of stay cannot be guaranteed. The amount of money to be refunded requires individual agreement with the Contractor.
5.7. In case of early departure from the Accommodation Facility, non-arrival at the Accommodation Facility or cancellation of the Order after the date of departure, the User is obliged to send a written request directly to the Booking Office for cancellation (partial cancellation) within 1 (one) calendar day from the planned date of arrival The order and the calculation of the amount for the refund, as well as attach official documents from the Accommodation Facility signed by an authorized person of the Accommodation Facility to the relevant requests, confirming the fact of early departure or non-arrival at the Accommodation Facility (in the absence of such documents, the Booking is based on information provided by the Contractor about the status of the Order and the volume of Hotel services actually rendered).
5.8. The time of arrival and departure is set unilaterally by the relevant Accommodation Facility. The User must independently obtain information about the check-in time set in the selected Accommodation Facility, as well as about the time when other services are provided to him.
5.9. In case of the User's expected arrival at the Accommodation Facility later than the time set for arrival or later than the date selected in the Order, the User must notify the Booking in advance, no later than one day before the check-in time set by the Accommodation Facility, of the late check-in time in order to preserve the validity of the Order and booking.
5.10. If the User does not arrive at the Accommodation Facility by the set time of arrival and on the corresponding day of arrival without prior notice, the Accommodation Facility has the right to cancel the reservation by imposing penalties in accordance with the rules on late cancellation of the reservation. The amount of penalties applied to the User upon the occurrence of such a case is set by the Placement Object in agreement with Ruking and Ruking is brought to the attention of the User, but in any case cannot exceed the cost of the Order.
5.11. Funds are subject to refund to the User depending on the payment method of the Order.
5.12. In exceptional cases, by the sole decision of Ruking, in order to prevent unfair actions on the use of the Site, as well as making bookings without intent to use, Ruking has the right to withhold up to 15% of the Order amount from the funds returned to the User for cancellation of the reservation as compensation for the actual expenses incurred by Ruking for processing payments and bank commissions.

6. Intellectual property

6.1. All text information and graphic images on the Website are the property of Ruking and/or its Partners.
6.2. Reprinting, reproduction in any form, distribution, including translation, of any materials from the Site is possible only with the consent of Ruking.
6.3. Documents and related graphic images located on the Site may include inaccuracies or spelling errors.

7. Liability and Guarantees

7.1. Ruking is not liable to the User in case of complete or partial inactivity of the Website, the Booking System and its components for any time, as well as in the absence of the User's access to the Booking System or incurring any indirect or direct costs in connection with these circumstances. All offers, prices, as well as conditions for booking Accommodation Facilities in the Booking System may be changed without notice to the User or limited in accordance with certain parameters and circumstances, including force majeure.
7.2. Ruking is not responsible in case of impossibility to fulfill the obligations assumed due to unreliability, insufficiency and untimeness of the information and documents provided by the User, or violation by the User of the Conditions or requirements for documents.
7.3. Ruking is not responsible:
1) in case of transfer of the User's phone number or email address used when placing an Order to third parties, including as a result of fraudulent actions;
2) for the actions of consulates and embassies of foreign states, including for the delay, refusal or change in the timing of the issuance of entry visas, for refusing to accept a Voucher as a document confirming the availability of temporary accommodation in the host country;
3) for the non-appearance or late arrival of Users for registration at the Accommodation Facility included in the Order, non-compliance by Users with the established rules of conduct at the Accommodation Facility or other place of provision of hotel services included in the Order.
7.4. The User guarantees and confirms that he has read and agrees:
1) with the requirements for foreign passports and other formal documents, including the remaining validity period of the foreign passport required for obtaining a visa, entry and stay in the host country;